User Guide

Downloading the App

This camera captures great images. You can also use a smartphone app for shooting, viewing, and sharing images from your smartphone.

The following apps for smartphone are available for this camera.

Basic app:
RICOH THETA S (iOS app and Android app)
Editing app:
RICOH THETA+ (iOS app and Android app)
RICOH THETA+ Video (iOS app and Android app)

  1. Access the app download service that is compatible with your smartphone.
  2. Search for “RICOH THETA S”.
    • Only the “RICOH THETA S” can be used. (The “RICOH THETA” cannot be used.)
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to download the app.
    • An icon () is displayed on the home screen when the download is complete.


  • The apps for computer are also available. See below for details on each app and the latest information about apps.
  • There are some differences between functions provided by the “RICOH THETA S for iPhone” (iOS app) and “RICOH THETA S for Android” (Android app). The screens of “RICOH THETA S for iPhone” (iOS app) are used as examples in this user guide.

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