Construct stunning 3D models with your Theta Z1 and V using
Matterport’s revolutionary AI-powered image processing technology.

Immerse Yourself with Matterport 3D

The Theta Z1 and Matterport Cloud 3.0 are a superb match.
The latest offering from Ricoh inherits all the benefits from its predecessor , the Theta V — it’s quick, easy to use, and lightweight.
And combining the higher resolution images and improved optics from the Theta Z1 with Matterport's AI-powered image-processing technology, known as Cortex, produces true 3D models.
And the Theta V remains a cost-effective option to create immersive 3D experiences.

A New Perspective

Dollhouse View

Use Dollhouse View in any web browser to see the whole property all at once.

Inside View

Switch to Inside View in your browser for an interactive walkthrough experience.

Automatically-Generated Videos

Artificial intelligence creates a short video of a walkthrough of the 3D model, perfect for sharing on social media.

Subscription Pricing

Matterport offers a feature-packed free trial option and a $9.99 “Starter” subscription tier for supported 360 cameras, including the Ricoh Theta V.

Dollhouse and Inside View Sample