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Wireless Live Streaming


The Wireless Live Streaming plug-in allows a THETA V to 4K video directly to YouTube Live Events. No mobile phone or laptop is required. The THETA V connects to the Internet using Client mode and will stream the 360 video directly to YouTube.

Environment Used in the Guide

  • Firmware 2.31.1 on THETA V
  • Wireless Live Streaming plug-in version 1.0
  • Windows 10 and Chrome browser
  • YouTube Live Event (as of Jul 7, 2018)

Plug-in Configuration in Detail

Step 1. Setup YouTube Live Event

  1. Create a YouTube account and login to ""
  2. Click the user icon on the top right of the screen and click "Creator Studio".
  3. Select "Live Streaming" > "Events" from the menu on the left side and then click "New live event".
  4. Perform settings for the live event.
    1. Enter the title of the live event in the "Title" field.
      • Example) Live streaming event, October 5, 2017, Our family's dog
    2. Set the streaming start time and privacy settings.
    3. Select "Custom (more encoding options)" for "Type".
    4. Click "Advanced settings" after entering the above items.
  5. Under "360° video", select the check box next to "This live stream is 360°" and then click "Go live now".
  6. Under "Basic ingestion", select "13 Mbps - 30 Mbps (4K - BETA)" and save the changes. Video will be streamed using the resolution selected here so if it does not display properly in 4K or there are problems, try lowering the resolution and stream the video. If "13 Mbps - 30 Mbps (4K - BETA)" does not display in the list, select "13 Mbps - 30 Mbps (4K - BETA)" from "Create new stream".
  7. Under "Select your encoder", select "Other encoders" to display the "Stream Name" and "Primary Server URL".

    The "Stream Name" and "Primary Server URL" are required at a later stage. Copy and paste these information into the Wireless Live Streaming plug-in configuration application (Details in Step 6). Make sure you are using a reusable stream key.

Step 2: Connect RICOH THETA V to Wi-Fi router in your home or office

Step 3: Connect your smartphone and workstation to the same Wi-Fi router

Step 4: Select "Wireless Live Streaming" as an active Plug-in

Open "Settings" from the button on the bottom right.
Tap "Camera settings".

To make the "Plug-in" to be "Wireless Live Streaming", tap "Plug-in" and select the plug-in to be used.

Step 5. Obtain IP address of your RICOH THETA

The IP-address of your THETA V is displayed on RICOH THETA smartphone app when your smartphone is connecting to THETA V. Open "Settings" dialog in the app, select "Camera settings", tap "Camera version" and then you can see the following information. In the "Camera version", you can find IP Address "" here. The IP Address will be changed depends on your network environment.

Step 6. Configure "Wireless Live Streaming" plugin for YouTube Live Event

Once you have the IP address, you can now use any web browser to configure your THETA V for YouTube Live Events.

Connect browser to RICOH THETA V

Open "" in your browser. Here, "" is an example, please change it to the IP Address of your THETA V. You will see the configuration tool below. You will need to fill in the Server URL and the Stream name/key with the information from your YouTube Live Event.

Enter Server URL and Stream name/key of YouTube Live Event

You should enter the correct Server URL and the Stream name/key that you copied from YouTube (details in Step 1).

Select Resolution and Bit rates

The default settings are 4K(3840x1920) 29.97fps with a bit rate of 20Mbps. But it is better to use the highest settings that your Internet connect supports. The best settings are depending on uploading bandwidth of your internet connection environment. If it is enough environment for streaming, you can select higher resolution and higher bit rate. There is a setting "Auto" in "Bit rates" to measure the better streaming bitrate for the specified resolution. Select "Auto" and tap "Measure". The plug-in starts test streaming and measures the proper bit rate. You can select the following combination of resolution and bit rates.

Resolution Bit rates
4K(3840x1920) 29.97fps Auto, 40Mbps, 20Mbps(default), 12Mbps
2K(1920x960) 29.97fps Auto, 16Mbps, 6Mbps(default), 3Mbps
1K(1024x512) 29.97fps Auto, 2Mbps, 0.85Mbps(default), 0.5Mbps
0.6K(640x320) 29.97fps Auto, 1Mbps, 0.36Mbps(default), 0.25Mbps
Finish setup

Tap "Fix streaming settings" to finish settings.

Step 7. Start the Stream

You can press the shutter button of your THETA V to start the stream or press the Start streaming button in the web interface. After this initial configuration, you should be able to use the THETA V as a standalone device for live streaming.

In the web browser plug-in configuration, you’ll see the word Streaming with a red dot next to it. You should have the correct Server URL and the Stream name/key that you copied from YouTube.

The Start streaming button will change to a Stop streaming button.

In the YouTube Live Control Room, make your event Live.

To stop streaming press "Stop streaming" button of web interface or press the shutter button of your THETA V.

Step 8. View on YouTube

Test from other browsers. Rotate the video feed. Share with your millions of followers.