Plug-ins are more convenient and easy to use. Customize your THETA
and take it to the next level!

RICOH THETA V/ THETA Z1 functions can be expanded via plug-ins.
Because the software is Android™ based OS, a variety of new functions can be added to the RICOH THETA via plug-ins just like installing apps on your smartphone.

In addition to official Ricoh plug-ins, a variety of plug-ins developed by corporations and individuals around the world are being made available with plans for many more in the future. Why not make your RICOH THETA more convenient and easy to use by installing the perfect plug-in from the RICOH THETA PlUG-IN STORE?

Ricoh official plug-in lineup

Check here for the Standard Terms and Conditions of THETA Plug-in Application

Self-timer locked
You can shoot still images and movies with the self-timer by pressing and holding the mode button with the power supply to RICOH THETA turned on. The mode can be switched to self-timer mode even with the use of Underwater Housing TW-1.
Wireless Live Streaming
This plug-in lets you live stream to the internet by connecting the RICOH THETA to a wireless LAN access point without utilizing a PC. Because you don't have to worry about computer equipment transportation and setup, you can enjoy easier 360° image streaming.

View details here

  • Streaming is not guaranteed in all environments. A stable, high-speed internet connection is required for higher quality image streaming.
Automatic Face Blur BETA
This feature analyzes and identifies the faces of people in images then automatically blurs them. This plug-in is perfect for casual shooting when you need to be aware of privacy, such as when a large number of people are gathered together at tourist spots or parties.
  • Not guaranteed to recognize and perfectly blur all faces.
Remote Playback
This plug-in enables 360° image display on a TV monitor using image data captured on the camera. The RICOH THETA can be used as a remote control to select image files and move the 360° image display horizontally and vertically.
  • Upgrade to the latest firmware and basic app versions.
  • A separate wireless display adapter or Miracast-compatible device is required. Check here for a list of devices that are confirmed to work.
USB Data Transfer
With this plug-in you can transfer and copy still image and video files captured on the camera to a USB memory device. You can eliminate the trouble of transferring image files to a smartphone via wireless LAN and creating backups by connecting to a PC, and easily freeing space on the camera's built-in memory.
  • When transferring or copying files over 4GB in size, the USB memory device must be formatted.
  • Upgrade to the latest firmware and basic app versions.
  • An OTG cable for connecting to USB memory is required.
  • Check here for a list of devices that are confirmed to work.

View details here


Plug-in installation is super easy

  • Step 1

    Use the included USB cable to connect the RICOH THETA to a PC.

  • Step 2

    Access the RICOH THETA PlUG-IN STORE and click "Download" for a plug-in you want to install.

    ※Supported model for each plug-in can be confirmed from each plug-in page.

  • Step 3

    When the basic app for computer "RICOH THETA" is automatically launched, follow the on-screen instructions to install the app. Make sure to leave the camera and computer alone until the installation is complete.

    The basic app for computer "RICOH THETA" (Version 3.6.0 or higher) is required to install plug-ins. Click here to download.