How to upload to YouTube easily from RICOH THETA

  • STEP1


    Create a Google account

    You need a Google account to post videos to YouTube.
    Click the link below for details on how to create an account.
    Google account registration page
    Google account help page

  • STEP2


    Capture a video using RICOH THETA and import it to the computer

    Windows: Follow the instructions on the screen display.
    Mac: Use iPhoto or Image Capture.
    RICOH THETA m15 detailed User Guide

  • STEP3


    Launch RICOH THETA for PC (a computer application), and drag and drop the imported video (MOV file)

    You can also launch it by selecting [File] >> [Open] in the menu.
    RICOH THETA for PC download page

  • STEP4


    Click the "Start button" to convert to an mp4 file

    Click the "Select button" to change the output destination.
    We recommend specifying an easy location such as the desktop.

  • STEP5


    Login to YouTube, and click the "Upload button" at the top right

  • STEP6


    Select the privacy setting, and drag and drop the converted mp4 file to upload it

    The privacy settings can be edited later.
    Uploading videos to YouTube means that you have agreed to the YouTube terms of service and community guidelines. Make sure that you are not infringing on the copyright or privacy rights of other users.

  • STEP7


    Click the "Publish button", and you're done!

    Share your 360 degree video with the world using YouTube!

Handy Hints1

Handy Hints

How do I check the videos I have posted?

Go to the "My Channel" menu in YouTube,
and click the "Video Manager button" to check your videos.

Handy Hints2 Handy Hints3

*You need to use the Google Chrome web browser to view 360 degree videos.
*Google Chrome download page

RICOH THETA Official YouTube Channel