Let's rotate the image around in 360-degrees on a big screen
Remote Playback method

What is Remote Playback?

A function to display video shot using RICOH THETA V directly onto a monitor such as a TV using a Miracast compatible device.
THETA V functions as a remote control allowing you to rotate the displayed 360-degree video in any direction and zoom in or out the video for your enjoyment.
This function is recommended for when you want to appreciate still images and video shot using THETA with a large number of people.

Items to prepare

  • ・Miracast compatible device (click here for a list of devices that have been confirmed to work)
  • ・RICOH THETA V (S, SC and m15 are not supported)
  • ・A monitor or projector equipped with an HDMI port

The example on this page features a method for Remote Playback using a Fire TV Stick (2017 version).

*This procedure assumes that the initial setup has been completed for the Fire TV Stick (2017 version) and it is connected to a TV. Refer to the Fire TV Stick (2017 version) manual for information on the initial setup.

*This procedure and screen images of the Fire TV Stick (2017 version) are current as of October 2017. The procedure or images may differ depending on specification changes to the Fire TV Stick (2017 version) and the software version.


Press and hold the Home button on the Fire TV Stick (2017 version) remote control. Select "Mirroring" on the screen.


Start RICOH THETA V and press and hold the Mode button for 2 seconds or longer to start the plugin.

The camera status lamp lights up white and the wireless lamp flashes green.


A thumbnail list is displays on the TV. *1
Press the shutter button on the THETA camera to display the cursor at the center of the screen.
Move the THETA camera to move the cursor over a video thumbnail and then press the shutter button to playback the video in 360-degrees.

*1 If there are many videos on the THETA camera, it may take some time to prepare the thumbnails. The THETA icon will display and you may have to wait for about a minute.
Up to 1,000 thumbnails of the most recent images can be displayed with RICOH THETA firmware ver.1.00.2.


You can enjoy viewing 360-degree video and still images by moving the cursor in each direction while pressing the shutter button (the cursor turns red when pressing the shutter button).

When you can't see the cursor on the screen or when it has moved too close to the edge, point THETA at the center of the monitor screen and press the shutter button to reset its position. You can then enjoy the video in 360-degrees by freely moving the cursor around.

You can also zoom in or out the video using the plus and minus buttons on the right of the screen.These buttons are convenient for when you want to enlarge a certain section of the video or want to view the entire video from a distance.

To end Remote Playback, press and hold the THETA V mode button for 2 seconds or more and check that the camera status lamp turns blue.

For a more pleasant experience using THETA

RICOH THETA V wireless LAN supports "2.4 GHz 1-11ch" and "5 GHz 36-48 ch"*.
It may be difficult to connect using the 2.4 GHz band depending on the conditions. Therefore, setting RICOH THETA V communication speed to 5 GHz is faster and will provide a more pleasant experience.
It is preferable to use the high speed 5 GHz communication band whenever possible as images are sent in real-time during Remote Playback.

*To use 5 GHz with Remote Playback, the Miracast compatible device (wireless display adapter, etc.) must be able to output at 5 GHz (W52).

*5 GHz is limited to use indoors based on the Radio Act.

Tips for when you have problems connecting

Connection will not be possible unless the wireless LAN band that Fire TV Stick (2017 version) is listening for is one of the above bands supported by RICOH THETA V.
The Fire TV Stick (2017 version) "Mirroring" function listens for the same radio waves as radio waves from a wireless LAN router normally connected to a network. Therefore, if you change the settings on your wireless LAN router to a band supported by RICOH THETA V, the Fire TV Stick (2017 version) band will also be changed.

*The type of radio waves emitted by the Miracast compatible device depends on the device's specifications. This page lists only operations that Ricoh has confirmed to be ok.

*Refer to the wireless LAN router instruction manual for details on your wireless LAN router settings.