Let's share
"360° photos"
easily over LINE!

Introducing a method to share spherical images shot using RICOH THETA from a smartphone in LINE "chat rooms".
You can easily share images with friends even if they don't have the THETA app because they can see the images in 360° View.
(Only still images are supported with 360° View)

Sharing from LINE app

  • STEP1

    Start the app

    Start LINE app and open the screen to "chat" with your friend.

  • STEP2

    Select the post menu

    Select "Photo/Video" to display a list of images on the device.

    Press the lower right button to switch the display to full screen.
    For the iPhone, scroll over the images at the bottom of the screen to display Camera Roll.

  • STEP3

    Selecting images and post an image

    Images on the device display in a list.
    Choose the spherical image (still image) you want to post and tap "Send" to post it.

    Point 1 When it is difficult to find the image because there are many images, narrow down the search by selecting "RICOH THETA".
    Point 2 Select the image with a mark that looks like the earth on the bottom left of the image.

  • STEP4

    Check your post

    Tap the image posted to the chat room to switch to a screen that only displays the image.
    Tap the 360° mark at the center of the image to display it in 360° View.

  • STEP5

    How to enjoy spherical images

    Part 1.
    Move the smartphone to enjoy the image in 360° using VR View*1.

    Part 2.
    Pinch and swipe the image to rotate the image around to enjoy it in 360°.

    *1 If your smartphone does not have an acceleration sensor, gyro sensor, and/or a magnetic field sensor, this feature may not function correctly.

* Spherical images (still images) can only be viewed in 360° in the "chat room" of the LINE app on a smartphone. (360° View will not work in the "Notes" or "Albums" section of LINE or the LINE computer application.)
* When sharing spherical images to LINE from "Gallery" and "Camera Roll" on a smartphone, 360° View will not work.
* LINE app must be updated to the latest version for both the sender and receiver. (Version 7.1.0 and later)
* The screenshots shown for the smartphone app are of the app for the Android.The iPhone app screen differs in places.