RICOH THETA 360-degree camera with a proven track record recommended for taking panorama photos of real estate properties.

Even a photography beginner can easily take photos of real estate properties in one shot.
Since accurate information with a large amount of information can be conveyed to customers, a better response can be gained and the efficiency of property tours can be improved.
The RICOH THETA equalizes the variations in photo quality that varied depending on the photographer and enriches it to help you gain a better response and improve your operational efficiency.

Top four problems with taking real estate photos

Differentiation from competitors

①Response does not grow on real estate portal sites

We find it hard to differentiate ourselves from other real estate companies and convey the advantages of our properties to customers.

A lot of time and effort is wasted

②We cannot fully convey the advantages of our properties to customers with photos alone

If we do not provide property tours in person, we cannot convey the advantages of our properties to customers. So we need to provide many property tours to close contracts.
Customers also waste a lot of time and effort.

Cost and quality

③Equalize the skills of taking photos and ensure time for taking photos

The photo quality varies depending on the level of the photographer. We usually take photos in-house but we cannot waste much time on it especially during the high season. We have to spend a lot of money if we commission a professional photographer.

Site access

④Improve our site and publish information actively

We need to gain a better response on our site by publishing a wealth of property information.

The RICOH THETA is recommended to take property photos

360-degree photos allow you to differentiate your property information from your competitors

You can differentiate yourself from your competitors on real estate portal sites, and gain a better response with an overwhelming amount of information.

Win contracts efficiently while spending less time and effort on property tours in person

Reduce the number of property tours that you think would not be fruitful by showing to your prospective customers 360-degree photos with a large amount of information before actually giving property tours in person. You can close contracts efficiently with a small number of property tours in person. Customers who are busy or must come from far away will also be satisfied with the solution.

Even beginners can take high quality property photos

Unlike with a single-lens reflex camera, the settings needed to take property photos are the bare minimum so even beginners can take high quality photos. Since you only need to take a small number of photos, you can solve the challenges of acquiring the skills to take photos and increasing the work efficiency of taking photos. The THETA allows you to easily take photos of entire spaces such as bathrooms, toilets, and storage that are difficult to take photos of.

Improve your site using a virtual tour

You can easily and quickly deploy a 360-degree virtual tour for each property on your site using a cloud service.
It also helps you attract visitors to your site.
RICOH360 Tours is a cloud service that allows anybody to easily create and publish 360-degree content using 360-degree images taken with the RICOH THETA.

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The RICOH THETA is a convenient camera with multiple functions

  • Compact and lightweight so you can record the entire space in a single shot
  • Easy to operate so you can easily take 360-degree images and videos
  • Supports various shooting modes to match different shooting scenarios
  • Compact and lightweight so you can easily carry it around
  • Allows you to freely view images on a PC or smartphone
  • Allows you to easily upload a 360-degree video to SNS or websites

<Another convenient feature for real estate industry customers>

  • Supports many real estate portal sites and application software

Outstanding 360-degree powerful images unique to the THETA

There was no choice but to view the photo of a room only from one direction before, but...

THETA allows you to view the room from all directions in 360 degrees.

Various features of the THETA convenient for taking real estate property photos

Remote shooting

You can shoot remotely while viewing a live preview from a smartphone app to make sure you are not captured in the photo.
You can shoot more conveniently if you use a tripod.

HDR rendering shooting

You can take clear 360-degree photos avoiding overexposure or underexposure even in locations with high contrast between light and dark areas.
You can also take clear photos of rooms and nightscapes.

Accessories recommended for taking real estate photos


A monopod stand specifically for the RICOH THETA series. A compact design to reduce the portion of the camera platform and leg appearing in your image. It is 152 cm in total length and can be collapsed to a stowed length of about 56 cm with a single touch of a button.

Extension Adapter TE-2

A compact and sturdy adapter made of brass. The appearance of the stand in a shot can be reduced. Power can be supplied or live streaming can be performed by connecting to the USB terminal while the adapter is mounted on the tripod.

Remote Control TR-1

A Bluetooth® remote control that allows you more comfort when performing remote shooting without a wireless connection to a smartphone. It allows you to take photos safely due to its splash-proof construction.