RICOH THETA 360-degree photos to perform efficient inspection work!

Do you have any of these problems?

It is difficult to provide
an image of the work site.

I am worried about not getting full photo coverage
of the work site.

It is troublesome to shoot photos from high locations and in narrow locations
with poor visibility.

It is hard to manage the photos
because many photos are shot.

RICOH THETA is the solution to these problems!

Rotate the image in any direction to experience a 360-degree photo.

The ceiling of the apartment was like this! Last week there was a water leak from the upper floor, and a vendor came to investigate. This is where theta comes into play. #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

The entire work site and positional relationship can be recorded because the photo is shot in 360 degrees.

You can easily shoot photos in 360 degrees with a single press of the button.
An image of the entire space can be saved.

It is also easy to shoot narrow and dark locations such as behind ceilings.
Inspection becomes easy.

It is easy to know the positional relationship with spherical shooting.
Managing photos becomes easy.


  • Spherical images and videos can be easily shot with a single press of the button.
  • The camera is comfortable to carry around due to its compact and lightweight design.
  • Photos and videos shot with the camera can be moved with complete freedom in 360 degrees.
  • Photos and videos can be viewed on a computer and smartphone.
  • Photos and videos can be easily shared over SNS using a dedicated app.

A photo showing a scene from only a single direction...

Can be viewed freely in all directions when it is a 360-degree photo!!

ceiling03:VIEW360 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Three reasons to recommend RICOH THETA for inspection shooting

1.Obtaining a clear picture of the entire inspection area in a single photo

A 360-degree photo can be shot with a single press of the button. You can know the whole picture without shooting a lot of photos.

2. Possible to perform shooting also in difficult-to-enter locations

You can insert THETA into narrow spaces, high locations, and places that do not allow normal cameras to be angled correctly for the shot, and then shoot without worrying about the angle. These types of locations can be easily shot.

3. Improving the quality of inspection with video shooting

You can also shoot videos of the entire space. Shooting videos allows you to shoot and inspect while moving.

Useful THETA functions for inspection

Self-timer shooting

You can perform the self-timer shooting using THETA only.

Remote shooting

You can perform shooting remotely by linking with a smartphone and using it.

HDR rendering

You can shoot clear photos even in locations with a high level of dark-bright contrast by compositing four images.

Useful accessories for shooting


A monopod stand specially for the RICOH THETA series. It is designed small to reduce the portion of the camera platform and leg appearing in shot images. It extends to a height of 152 cm and can be stowed to a compact length of 56 cm.


A stick specifically designed to distance the user’s hands from the THETA camera, allowing the user to shoot 360° photos without their fingers interfering with the shot.

Lighting set for RICOH THETA

Dark locations can be easily shot with two LED lights!

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Choose RICOH THETA as the 360-degree camera for inspection work

Can produce approximately 23MP/7K images.
The flagship model, achieving high image quality.

  • Ghosting, flare, and fringing are reduced.
  • The camera demonstrates superior noise reduction performance even when shooting night views.
  • The first of the THETA series to enable images to be saved in RAW (DNG) format.

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Four colors available to choose from. Recommended for people who want to quickly enjoy shooting 360-degree photos.

  • Natural 360-degree still images and videos can be recorded in high quality using a highly precise stitching process.
  • Beautiful photos and videos can be shot with ease according to the shooting scene.
  • High-speed wireless image transfer. Photos and videos can be transferred wirelessly in a short time.

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THETA V for shooting high quality 360-degree photos and videos.
The advanced model perfect for corporate use.

  • Photos and videos can be easily shot even in dark locations with the noise reduction shooting and advanced correction function.
  • The reduced transfer time allows you to quickly check photos and videos in the workplace.
  • The camera body has a metallic gray color which is a color you never tire of and feels high-class.

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