RICOH THETA 360-degree camera with a proven track record recommended for taking photos of construction sites.

Even a photography beginner can easily take photos of construction sites in one shot.
The overwhelming amount of information in 360-degree photos ensures you get full photo coverage.
If you have RICOH THETA, you can speedily carry out tasks for construction work that have required a lot of photos and movement of people, such as site surveys, progress management, and report creation. It thus contributes to improving your operational efficiency.

Top four problems with taking construction and inspection photos

Photography errors

①Not getting full photo coverage

We sometimes have to go back to the site to take photographs again after being told later that something was not photographed.

Conveying of information

②Difficult to convey an image of the site

It is difficult to convey an image of the site by just piecing together photos showing fragments of the site.

Photo management

③Hard to manage a huge number of site photos

Since the number of site photos is large, it is complicated to share the information with the related parties and manage the information.

Shooting in narrow areas, dark areas, and high places

④Difficult to shoot in narrow places, dark places, and high places

Photographing in awkward positions and bringing a stepladder to photograph high places makes the work inefficient. Photographing can even be dangerous sometimes.

RICOH THETA is recommended for shooting construction and inspection

Shooting range is fully covered by dual fisheye lens

The ceiling and floor can also be shot in addition to horizontal panorama in one shot. This ensures full photo coverage.

Overwhelming amount of site information with 360-degree photos

Since the site photos are connected as one 360-degree photo, even people who have never been to the site can immediately grasp the whole picture.

Small number of photos enables smart photo management

Since the shooting range covered by 360-degree photos is huge, management with a small number of photos is possible.
There are also plenty of software applications for the construction industry that support 360-degree photos, so you can manage your information by site and in chronological order.

Difficult-to-capture points can also be shot easily

You can easily and quickly shoot in confined spaces and high places because you do not need to worry about the composition of photos. This contributes to safety management of site since the time shooting in awkward positions and using a stepladder can be reduced.

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The RICOH THETA is a convenient camera with multiple functions

  • Compact and lightweight so you can record the entire space in a single shot
  • Easy to operate so you can easily take 360-degree images and videos
  • Supports various shooting modes to match different shooting scenarios
  • Compact and lightweight so you can easily carry it around
  • Allows you to freely view images on a PC or smartphone
  • Allows you to easily upload a 360-degree video to SNS or websites

<Furthermore, features that are convenient for construction and inspection customers>

  • Can be used in combination with many software applications for the construction industry. You can improve your operational efficiency with 360-degree photos.

Outstanding 360-degree powerful images unique to the THETA

There was no choice but to view the photo of a site only from one direction before, but...

With THETA, you can view all directions in 360 degrees.

Various functions of THETA that are convenient for shooting construction and inspection

Remote shooting

You can shoot remotely while viewing a live preview from a smartphone app to make sure you are not captured in the photo.
You can shoot more conveniently if you use a tripod.

HDR rendering shooting

You can take clear 360-degree photos avoiding overexposure or underexposure even in locations with high contrast between light and dark areas.
You can also take clear photos of rooms and nightscapes.

Recommended accessories for shooting construction and inspection


A monopod stand specifically for the RICOH THETA series. A compact design to reduce the portion of the camera platform and leg appearing in your image. It is 152 cm in total length and can be collapsed to a stowed length of about 56 cm with a single touch of a button.


A stick specifically designed to distance the user’s hands from the THETA camera, allowing the user to take 360° photos without their fingers interfering with the shot. It extends to a length of about 83 cm. You can use it in a wide range of situations such as when taking photos while traveling and at events, or taking photos of surrounding landscapes.
The exclusively designed tilting camera platform does not interfere with your shot and, if you take photos at an angle to the pipe portion, you can capture the object directly in front of the lens.