THETA V update roadmap - RICOH THETA V Evolution -

RICOH THETA V differs greatly from the existing THETA product-series because it is configured using a system with high expandability.
When you purchase the camera, it is a very simple and basic 360° camera. However, it can be evolved in a number of directions to match how the customer wants to use it. It is a "360° device with infinite possibilities".
RICOH will continue to provide updates to promote the versatility of THETA V so please stay tuned.

Three directions of evolution

A new Android platform system was adopted for RICOH THETA V. It not only improves basic functions but also allows a variety of function expansions to be used by installing additional "plug-ins".
We will also release several API/SDK's and create an environment that allows developers to collaborate on various devices and platforms.

Towards A multi-purpose spherical platform

RICOH THETA V will begin to evolve into something new from the moment you acquire it. In the near future, we will build an eco-system that can utilize existing libraries and application assets so that the camera can grow into a "multi-purpose spherical platform" that surpasses its state as a 360° camera.

  • Providing a development environment using general-purpose tools
  • Promoting the development of applications that use spherical images

RICOH THETA V expansion roadmap

Since RICOH THETA V went on sale in September 2017, it has already experienced a number of evolutions.
We have also planned more specific expansions in the near future as shown below.

* The details shown below have not been finalized, and are subject to change without prior notice.